I like things done properly, well, who doesn’t?

Please, when you write me an email, try to use a non-vulgar language and tell me as much as possible! I will love to know who you are, your age, the type of date you are looking for, your fantasies ...

Everything you want to tell me will be not only welcome but helpful for the two of us, because with all this information, everything will be more fluid.

When we meet, please, welcome cordially and, without mentioning it, leave an envelope without closing with the agreed rate, on a small table in sight, and give me a minute to excuse myself  to the the restroom, where I will check that everything is fine. And please, if you meet me in a public place, place the envelope in a gift box, or a magazine in a bag, and hand it to me as if it was a gift. I appreciate discretion very much.